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Hi Godspeed

If 'none of the options are working' in gnopernicus then I believe that your machine is not configured properly. It may be that one or more packages required for accessibility were omitted from the packages.

A few things to point out: you should be running the Gnome desktop, not KDE. KDE plans to support the necessary accessibility infrastructure in a future release. The 'gedit' text editor works well with gnopernicus.

Make sure the 'gnome-mag' package is installed, as gnopernicus magnification relies on it.

Good luck and best regards,


Godspeed wrote:

I am after the screen reader functionality in
Gnopernicus application in Gnome. I am running Debian
Sarge 3.1. I don't know how to make it work! The
Festival application which comes with it works
properly if i type in (SayText "Hello").

But, I don't know how to use Gnopernicus! I have
enabled it through the "Startup Mode". I want to know
how to make it work if I want to read it a chunk of
text in a text editor.

I have gone through the Gnopernicus website but i felt it is not
clear and its not that help ful. Infact, none of the
options in Gnopernicus work like the Magnifier etc..

Quick help will be greately regarded. Rolling Eyes

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