Problems with Fedora Core 4 /test-speech {festival/freeTTS}

On normal Fedora Core 4 installation, gnome-speech/festival combination does not work due to some issues with festival-synthesis-driver. festival --server command dies as defunct.
So I removed the GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival.server, and decided to install FreeTTS instead.

While festival is installed well, and recompiled gnome-speech-0.3.8 also takes up everything well, still it fails on
bonovo_activation_activate_from_id call in select_server function of test-speeh.c saying

Error activating service: Child process did not give an error message, unknown failure occured (BONOBO:GeneralError: 1.0)

So what i did was to run by hand freetts-synthesis-driver
and then run test-speech and everything worked !!!

Aditya Kumar Pandey

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