Re: Drivers supported with gnome-speech/Gnopernicus [Comparison on features?]

Hi Aditya:

Please provide more info on your issues with the Theta driver. You haven't really indicated whether you are using Theta or Swift, nor what your configuration issues are.


Aditya Pandey wrote:


I haven't been able to configure theta driver with latest gnome-speech-0.3.8 source I downloaded a few days ago. I understand that Theta has been replaced by swift engine, but could not find if the sources have been changed to provide support for that.
Could somebody please comment on this

IBM Viavoice
Is IBM Viavoice linux run time still available somewhere. I am willing to purchase it.


On 10/10/05, *Aditya Pandey* <aditya kumar pandey gmail com <mailto:aditya kumar pandey gmail com>> wrote:

    In this article, Marc has given some links -->

    C. Ref.:


    On 10/6/05, *Aditya Pandey* < aditya kumar pandey gmail com
    <mailto:aditya kumar pandey gmail com>> wrote:

        Yes, I am just looking for some comments based on usage from
        the users of this sofware (thats why this mail wasn't marked
        to < gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org
        <mailto:gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org>> ).
        If somebody has information on how to buy and their pricing
        etc. (some comparison), please put it on the list.

        IMHO: Some information on the drivers (particularly links and
        prices) should be there on the proposed gnome-speech page.
        This looks like a FAQ to me.
        P.S.: I can understand the concept of non-endorsing of drivers
        by the developers of this software.

        On 10/6/05, *Bill Haneman* < Bill Haneman sun com
        <mailto:Bill Haneman sun com>> wrote:

            I did not say that.  If anything, the best results so far
            have been with
            the Theta drivers IMO.

        Ok, I might have forgetton the name of what you said. Sorry,
        for causing any confusion.


-- Aditya Kumar Pandey

Aditya Kumar Pandey


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