Re: Drivers supported with gnome-speech/Gnopernicus [Comparison on features?]

Hi Kenny/all:

We'd love to get a patch to fix this for gnome-speech (i.e. adding Swift support); our experience with the Theta driver was very positive and the price is attractive. The folks at Cepstral have indicated that they would give technical advice or assistance if necessary, if someone wants to give it a go. Please email me or will walker (will.walker at sun dot com) if you are interested.


Kenny Hitt wrote:


i have the same problem with the latest gnome-speech.

Cepstral has replaced theta with swift.  I haven't looked closely at the
theta source code, but the names of the header files are now

swift_defs.h  swift_exports.h  swift.h  swift_params.h

BRLtty has a separate swift and theta driver, that makes me think the
code will be different.


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