Re: Drivers supported with gnome-speech/Gnopernicus [Comparison on features?]

Yes, I am just looking for some comments based on usage from the users of this sofware (thats why this mail wasn't marked to <gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org> ).
If somebody has information on how to buy and their pricing etc. (some comparison), please put it on the list.

IMHO: Some information on the drivers (particularly links and prices) should be there on the proposed gnome-speech page. This looks like a FAQ to me.
P.S.: I can understand the concept of non-endorsing of drivers by the developers of this software.

On 10/6/05, Bill Haneman < Bill Haneman sun com> wrote:
I did not say that.  If anything, the best results so far have been with
the Theta drivers IMO.
Ok, I might have forgetton the name of what you said. Sorry, for causing any confusion.


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