Re: gnopernicus screen reader error

Gnopernicus does this. But, gnopernicus uses a TTS through gnome-speech.
This commands the real TTS. So, the problem may be in gnome-speech.

I have freetts and festival installed on my computer. When I run
test-speech (the tester fro gnome-speech) and I choose one driver at the
time, then a voice then exit, the tester exits normally. When I look in
memory (ps- aux) I can see that freetts server is still there, but
festival server is not. This may be the case for ibmtts (to not really
exit when the server is stopped).

Yeah I just confirmed it wasn't an isolated problem over here. Another AIX box + viavoice + gnopernicus has the same problems.

I am a bit confused on Firefox Accessibility. Out of the box gnopernicus (0.10.4 anyway) doesn't read anything in firefox 1.0.7, at least what I compiled. I was under the impressoin it read web pages, just not as well as the Mozilla Accessibility branch...



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