Re: registering new festival voices

On 10/6/05, Chaitanya Kamisetty <chaitanya atc tcs co in> wrote:
I am using gnopernicus with festival GNOME speech driver. When I select
festival driver in Preferences -> Speech -> Voices -> Edit Absolute ->
Engine Driver, it lists only "V0 Kevin" and "V1 Kal". I added new voices
to the festival voices/ directory. They are working properly when I
execute festival. But gnopernicus does not list these new voices. How
can I register them so that I can make gnopernicus use these new voices?

Depends on the version of gnome-speech you are using. I think till some time back, the list of voices were hard coded in festival-synthesis-driver .

So, please report the version of gnome-speech. In gnome-speech 0.3.8 (latest), this looks to be fixed.
So you can jump to a new version and enjoy the pleasures of text-to-speech :)


Aditya Kumar Pandey

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