Some questions

Hi all,

A while ago I posted to the list about the following error on ubuntu:

(srcore:9601): Gnome-WARNING **: Accessibility: failed to find module 'libatk-bridge' which is needed to
make this application accessible

I solved this by installing the at-spi package.

Now I downloaded and compiled the latest gnopernicus and orca from cvs
and I have braille via brltty.

I have a few questions:

1. Where can I find the java-access-bridge and instructions on how to
get this thing up and running?

2. Is there a list of currently working keyboard shortcuts for orca
and where can I find it?

3. Where can I find ubuntu/debian packages for the accessible branch
of mozilla or do I have to compile it myself?

4. Maybe a bit off-topic for this list, but I have a single-channel
soundcard in my laptop. When I want to use gnopernicus/orca, I have to
kill the esd process first. Is there some software-based way to
overcome this problem?

5. At school we are using eclipse as our java ide. Does somebody on
this list have some experiences with eclipse and gnopernicus or orca?

So, that's all for now.


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