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Hi Michael,

The GNOME 2.12 Live CD accessibility support is broken in multple ways. There are three problems we've discovered that are preventing Gnopernicus from talking with festival: (1) libatk-bridge needs to be included; (2) we need an /etc/festival.scm file specifying that festival in client-server mode can talk to/from the machine booted by the Live CD; (3) we need to rev. to the just released Gnopernicus version 0.12 to pick up a bug fix in the GConf entries for Braille ports that we discovered in GNOME 2.12 Live CD testing.

We are working to spin up a new GNOME 2.12 Live CD. When it is ready I'll send out an announcement on this alias.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Is there a problem with Festival?
I ask because I tried to run the accessable version of the live CD for Ubuntu and although my mother who was down at my flat at the time told me what was going on on the first part of the screen, when Ubuntu ran I got no speech at all. I remember doing the same thing with the Orolux CD. If I chose the Festival synth during the setup where you are asked for keyboard, language, desktop, Braille Display and synthesiser, if you chose Festival you wouldn't get speech which meaned that I had to use the Text to Speak English and Russian synth. I am wondering if I install Ubuntu on my Desktop or Laptop, I am wondering if I am going to have a problem getting it to speak.
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