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  • [Evolution] Bug in Birthday calendar?, Rolf Würtz
  • [Evolution] Search folder fails to include all messages that match its criteria, Jorge
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  • [Evolution] how to fix duplicate error, Amoy King
  • [Evolution] LDAP search complains of "search time limit exceeded", Jorge
  • Re: [Evolution] Detailed error message: Unable to connect to 'Personal':, mslawinski1987
  • [Evolution] Second request for help: Messages from IMPAX getting corrupted by each other, John Lauterbach
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  • [Evolution] Evolution not connecting to my network, Doug Hutcheson
  • [Evolution] Unable to retrieve message., Fedora
  • [Evolution] Bug open : Some icons are old looking and should be refreshed, Simon Baconnais
  • [Evolution] Messages from IMPAX getting corrupted by each other, John Lauterbach
  • [Evolution] workaround for recurring tasks, Gour
  • [Evolution] two accounts and default sender, Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] Corrup Subjetc when save to mbox, Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] Corrupt Subject(and more) when saved to mbox, Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] just a test, Tom
  • [Evolution] Default sending account when replying, a.gnome
  • [Evolution] Set inclusion criteria for Calendar list view?, a.gnome
  • [Evolution] GOA bug in Fedora 23, Patrick O'Callaghan
  • [Evolution] Can evolution filer on just emails with follow-up flag, Rinaldo Merlo
  • [Evolution] Evolution folders for IMAP account, Gour
  • Re: [Evolution] Can't post to Usenet news groups., Gour
  • [Evolution] Problem with inbox file in Evolution 2.30.3, Nikitin Artem
  • Re: [Evolution] Can evolution show the count of unseen emails?, Milan Crha
  • [Evolution] Please unsubscribe me, Derek Logan

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