Re: [Evolution] You are sending to an old mail address

I received the email below after sending mail to this list.  What does it mean?

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 12:10 PM, New Address Notification
<autoreply transmode com> wrote:
Dear Sender

The mail address (evolution-list gnome org) you are trying to reach is no
longer valid.

Transmode Systems AB and Transmode AB are now part of Infinera Corporation.

As a result of this all mail systems and addresses are now connected to the
mail domain

User based mail addresses e.g. john doe transmode com are replaced with
john doe infinera com

Please use the new Infinera mail address for all future use as the mail
domains and will be discontinued.

If you are trying to use an old mail distribution lists, please reach out to
your contact at Infinera for updated information.

Thank You

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