Re: [Evolution] Automatic Contacts do not work

On Thu, 2015-11-19 at 11:31 -0200, Jorge wrote:
Should I have enabled debug messages?  How exactly?  I read, but it isn't clear
to me which setting would generate useful debug messages.

there is no special debugging for the automatic contacts plugin.

Maybe using gdb and checking whether certain functions are called, but
that's not trivial for regular users, thus possibly neither useful.
If you are wondering, the functions are bbdb.c:handle_destination and

When I was searching for the function names I noticed that the plugin
skips any autocompleted contacts in the recipients. The idea is that if
the recipient is autocompleted, then it is already available in some
address book, thus it's not needed to add it to this one again.

It sounds like it's exactly your case, you search for a contact in an
LDAP address book and then send the message. As the contact is
autocompleted, it is skipped in the automatic contacts.

I'd rather suggest to turn on offline usage for your LDAP address book,
eventually browsing of it, which will speed-up searching at least for
already known contacts.

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