[Evolution] Search folder fails to include all messages that match its criteria

Hi.  I have a search folder for messages involving my team leader
since 2015-01-01:
Find items which match: all the following conditions
Include threads: All related
<Condition> Sender or Recipients contains <my-team-leader my-domain>
<Condition> Date received is after 01-Jan-2015
Search Folder Sources: All local and active remote folders

This search folder does show dozens of messages where the sender or
recipients contain the address in question.  However, some time ago I
sent a message to the address in question with the subject "Re:
Repositório do template".  It appears in my Sent folder (over IMAP)
but not on the search folder.  I am online and the network is working

In fact, the search folder shows only four messages where I am the
sender, but I have sent dozens of messages to the address in question.
I use Ubuntu 15.10 with a few PPAs, including gnome3-team/gnome3 and
gnome3-team/gnome3-staging.  Evolution version is 3.18 (for the latter

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