Re: [Evolution] Enhancements to each Evolution version

On Thu, 2015-11-19 at 13:26 -0600, John Keenan wrote:
I have just migrated from Outlook to Evolution version 3.10.4 (this is
the Evolution version available via the Ubuntu software center). The
page indicates the current stable
release is 3.18.x. There are several features missing in Evolution
3.10.4 that I would like. Before updating to version 3.18.x I would like
to see if these features have already been addressed. Where can I review
the changes from version 3.10.4 to version 3.18.x?

there is no special Release Notes for the versions, but you can check
the NEWS files for the projects. When we talk about evolution,
significant part of it is located in the evolution-data-server, thus
one might need to check both. You can find the two NEWS files here:

  o The tree widget only supports up-arrow and down-arrow for keyboard
navigation. I find the left-arrow and right arrow very useful for
keyboard navigation through folders.

That's a standard GtkTreeView descendant, all these things are handled
by it. I mean, if you would like to file an enhancement, then it might
be against gtk+.

  o Search does not appear to support recursive search through

Which kind of search? If for search folders, then it knows it. If for
the place above the message list, then you are right, you can use only
'Current folder', 'Current account' and 'All accounts'.

  o Importing from a .pst seemed to import the bulk of the emails
(judging from the size of the .pst file and the size of
directory .local/share/evolution). However, it does not appear to have
imported emails from a folder that also contains subfolders and I have
stumbled across one folder that was not imported. 

That's a "3rd-party" plugin, even integrated inside the evolution code
base. It didn't receive many changes in the recent past:

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