Re: [Evolution] Can evolution show the count of unseen emails?

On Mon, 2015-11-02 at 12:09 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
No, it's been there for a couple of releases I think.  The
goes away if you visit the folder and comes back when a new
arrives.  The only thing is that it's not a very obvious change -
least with some icon sets.  Perhaps there needs to be an option
make it more obvious - for example to change the colour of the
text or something like that.

As I say, it makes the folder title boldface. Otherwise there's no
change (not just "not very obvious" but none whatever).

No, it's different to making the folder bold.
The folder title being bold is determined by whether there are any
unread messages in the folder, even if the folder has been visited.
asterisk in the folder icon appears if messages have arrived since
folder was last opened.
Some examples below (and sorry for the HTML mail!).  My spam folder
before visiting it:
Spam folder after visiting, but not reading anything:

So you can see if messages have arrived without remembering how many
unread messages you had previously.P.

I changed icon theme to the default Gnome one and I now see it. It's so
faint (light yellow on an off-white background) as to be virtually
invisible. Never noticed it before. And after changing it back to my
usual theme (Breeze) it's still there. Maybe it was always there and I
just didn't see it. Or maybe not. It's a mystery ...


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