[Evolution] calendar timeout? -

evolution 3.16.0 on ubuntu 15.04


frequently, I'm experiencing problems with the CalDAV calendar and 
Address book implementation.

First - daily evo displays a timeout message saying something like 
"unable to connect with the server", especially after system boot. 
This is about Address book and calendar.

Yesterday, I tried to create a calendar entry Dec, 28 2015 to Jan, 01, 
 2016. Several times, I got a message like (originally in German):
"Calendar object cannot be created. Unexpected HTTP status code was 
returned at the address "timeout with input/output operations at the 
socket". Afterwards, evo was stuck completely and had to be killed. 
This happened 5 times. Later, the calendar entry went through. 

Evo seems to have communication problems with the CalDAV server - 
which works fine with my Android phone. Could it be a good idea to 
make timeouts longer - or find another way to make evo more tolerant 
against server communication problems?


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