Re: [Evolution] Inbox Malformed

On Wed, 2015-11-25 at 17:34 +0000, David wrote:
Thank you for the suggestion, it worked, I'm sure I've heard about
deleting *.db files previously, but forgot about it.

nice, I'm glad it helped.

The 'faulty' folders.db file is 11.7M, it's replacement is 3.6M, can
you suggest a way I can send you the files? I could put the files on
a CD and post them to you by snail mail.

No need for a physical delivery, just pack the file with something
powerful, like xz:
   $ xz -z -k folders.db
which will create a folders.db.xz file, then attach it to an email and
send it directly to my address. I tried the xz command here and it
compressed my ~44MB file to ~3MB, which is pretty nice compression
        Thanks and bye,

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