Re: [Evolution] LDAP search complains of "search time limit exceeded"

On Sun, 2015-11-15 at 11:44 -0200, Jorge wrote:
Does this mean that evolution searches return
incomplete results?

the LDAP always has some limits, one is for time (if the server doesn't
respond in some time period) or the amount of entries being returned,
like your log shows the later is set to max 100 entries.

When I searched for Porphirio, there were no results (Evolution kept
"searching" for minutes).  I then opened Claws mail, searched
Porphirio, and he was there.  Then I went back to Evolution and
searched it again, and now there were results.

Your log shows that the contacts were returned, but then the search
failed on the time constraint. The reason why you get the results
immediately in the second try is that it comes from the local cache, it
doesn't wait for the LDAP server to report the search being completed.

The compare with the Claws mail might be inaccurate, it can use
different search options than you use in the Evolution. Your log shows
that you search with "any field contains" or similar search option,
which can be complicated (it can take a long time) on the server side
to check in all provided fields in all stored entries. Using filter
like 'Name contains', or 'E-mail contains' might make the search
quicker on the server side, especially if the server index these

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