Re: [Evolution] Problem with inbox file in Evolution 2.30.3

On 5 November 2015 at 16:59, Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk> wrote:
So you have an inbox of 4.1Gb and 3300 messages.  It is absolutely no
wonder at all that things are taking a long time. A 4Gb mbox file is
huge, massively huge.  Every operation involving mail in that file will
generally need the file to be copied (and modified while copying), the
old one deleted and the new one renamed - copying a 4Gb file takes a
significant amount of time, never mind the processing that has to
happen with it.  It is for precisely this reason that the mbox format
was dropped.

It may also be worth pointing out that 4.1GB is perilously close to the maximum possible size of an Mbox file for old versions of Evo (2.30 is pretty ancient so may well fall into this category). Expect to start losing mail if you don't deal with this.


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