[Evolution] workaround for recurring tasks


some days ago I fully switched from Claws to Evolution, mostly due to
ability to sync my contacts & calendars with my phone (via ownCloud) and
I'm very pleased with result.

However, there is one remaining issue and that are tasks which I'd like
to integrate as well since atm I use cli app called Taskwarrior for
which there is no stable syncing client.

Evolution's tasks part is not so strong as Taskwarrior's, but I'm
somewhat disappointed with the lack of ability to create recurring

By inspecting Bugzilla I've found: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.c
gi?id=200907 which is almost 15 yrs old. :-(

It's hard to believe that such basic things are missing...

I've tried to install KDE on openSUSE (under vbox), but Evolution/GNOME
is simply much better/nicer, so I wonder what more experienced users do
as workaround in regard?

I hope it's clear that recurring tasks are often present in daily life
(eg. paying monthly bills, doing regular backups etc.), while taking
advantage of appointments which has ability to recur seems ugly
workaround which would clutter my calendars with things which does not
belong to them.

Any hints to workaround in order to stay with GNOME/Evolution?


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