Re: [Evolution] Evolution not connecting to my network

On Tue, 2015-11-10 at 18:27 +1000, Doug Hutcheson wrote:
I have just upgraded my Fedora 21 box to 22 (using dnf system-
Everything else is working and Firefox is happy with the network -
tha is
how I am posting this message.

Evolution was working flawlessly under Fedora 21, but now it will
only say
"Evolution is currently offline due to a network outage. Evolution
return to online mode once a network connection is established".

Is it possible that Evo may unhappy with using my WiFi network? Why
could be a problem is beyond me but I am clutching at straws at

Any help tracing the problem would be gratefully received, as I am
currently reduced to handling my email account through Firefox, which
not my preference.

Check the online help for:

Why is Evolution's mail component offline?


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