Re: [Evolution] workaround for recurring tasks

On Pon, 2015-11-09 at 12:08 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:

it's not as that simple, because the task view, with compare to the
calendar view, doesn't have time constraints, thus you see all the
tasks. Imagine one task, which recurs forever. That's an important
conceptual change in the Evolution code to handle this correctly.

I agree that it might not be simple due to present design, but, otoh,
having recurring tasks is such a basic feature since we are all
surrounded with them in normal life - rent, different bills etc. all
fall in that category.

I had a chat with one (I think) student about recurring tasks few
months ago. He was implementing it for another project, which worked
in a similar way as in the taskwarrior. I thought it was for
gnome-todo, but it didn't make it into 3.18.1 (I did not find it

If taskwarrior would have decent Android client I'd look no further from
taskwarrior, but having something in Evo would be great.

I tried Getting Things GNOME (trunk) and it is neither present in it nor
in gnome-todo.

I'm not aware of anything, except of the obvious "file couple future
occurrences ahead and do not forget to file more when you reach the

It'a bit strange to have such ugly workaround for, otherwise, quite
ellegant app as Evo...


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