Re: [Evolution] Corrupt Subject(and more) when saved to mbox

The Subject: line has a line feed in it.

That's OK - in headers line feeds are allowed, the next line needs to
be indented and it's treated as a single line *by mail aware programs*.
Unfortunately dos2unix doesn't know about anything about mail!

Then we really need a a new save target because it is impossible to
save a mail as it was written, the mbox target always converts NL to

RFC 2822 that defines MBOX format says that the line delimiter is CR/LF
- so Evo is doing the correct thing.

But you are right in saying that there should be a save target other
than MBOX.  It's not really something that has ever bothered me as I
usually cut and paste from emails rather than saving.

Is that attachment what the message really is?  Because it's
base64 encoded so line length of the actual content is irrelevant.
(look at the source of the original message to see if it's text or
encoded). It's also unlikely that patch will understand a base64
encoded email.

It was sent as plain/text so I guess Evo wrapped it in base64 when I
did a forward ?

Actually, again, Evo is doing the correct thing - RFC 4155 says that
you should Base64 encode any included email message to avoid any
confusion between the outer email message and any included messages.

Anyhow, does it not look like a normal mail when you either view it
in Evo. or
save it as an mbox?

It is normal when viewed within Evo.  Saving as MBOX or viewing the
source shows that it's actually Base64 encoded.


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