[Evolution] Messages from IMPAX getting corrupted by each other

This refers to Evolution 3.16.5 operating under Ubuntu 15.10 on a DELL Vostro 3500.

Evolution gets email from 3 POP servers and one IMPAX server.  IMPAX server is hosted by ARVIXE.  ARVIXE has had numerous problems.  However, I am now getting e-mails from that account that sometime are okay when I receive them, but suddenly will have InBox "From" and "Subject" correct, but body of message will be from another e-mail (generally one that is all graphics with no plain text).  Also, information is Message Source is not the same as in "From" and "Subject".  Moreover, the message being corrupted disappears from the webmail page on the ARVIXE server.

Is evolution doing something wrong, or is all this caused by ARVIXE?


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