[Evolution] Enhancements to each Evolution version

I have just migrated from Outlook to Evolution version 3.10.4 (this is
the Evolution version available via the Ubuntu software center). The
page https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Evolution/ indicates the current stable
release is 3.18.x. There are several features missing in Evolution
3.10.4 that I would like. Before updating to version 3.18.x I would like
to see if these features have already been addressed. Where can I review
the changes from version 3.10.4 to version 3.18.x?

FYI the following is a summary of the features in which I am

  o The tree widget only supports up-arrow and down-arrow for keyboard
navigation. I find the left-arrow and right arrow very useful for
keyboard navigation through folders. 
  o Search does not appear to support recursive search through
  o Importing from a .pst seemed to import the bulk of the emails
(judging from the size of the .pst file and the size of
directory .local/share/evolution). However, it does not appear to have
imported emails from a folder that also contains subfolders and I have
stumbled across one folder that was not imported. 


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