Re: [Evolution] calendar timeout? -

Thanks for your thoughts. 
By accident, I experienced a maintainance server shutdown on sunday, 
and evo dismissed all the data I punched into a contacts form. And 
occasionally, my internet connection is suffering from breakdowns.

So - maybe the better idea is to make sure that evo always saves the 
data locally first, and transfers them to the server when available?


it's hard to tell for sure, but longer timeouts might not help in
general. It can be that the server has set up some connection limits,
like say 10 per user at a time. It can be that it silently rejects 
connections, but as it is done silently the client side doesn't know
and simply waits.

There can be more similar and different aspects involved than just
this, this one is one of which I could think of right now.
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