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  • Beagle and its startup, Andreas Heinz
  • Interested in getting involved, James Fitzsimons
  • beagle index server, Florian Werner
  • Matching partial strings?, Joost Kraaijeveld
  • Italy Until the 3rd, Kevin Kubasik
  • having some problems with beagle, Ludo
  • French translation, liZe
  • Tenative 0.2.8 Roadmap, Kevin Kubasik
  • ANNOUNCE: Beagle 0.2.7, Joe Shaw
  • beagle and tracker, D Bera
  • Attack of the beagle zombies, Paddy Spencer
  • beagle++, Max
  • Galago Support, Kevin Kubasik
  • beagle doesn't remove stale locks on startup, Alec Burney
  • scripting filters, Alessandro Magni
  • Re: Updates To Thunderbird Build System, Kevin Kubasik
  • beagle-search & beagle-query discrepancy, Paddy Spencer
  • Hit.cs and GetFirstProperty(), Kevin Kubasik
  • Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee, Kevin Kubasik
  • More Gaim Alias Fixes, Kevin Kubasik
  • beagle-search won't run after installation of Mono, Chintan Zaveri
  • beagle and evolution, Rob Brown-Bayliss
  • Query results disambiguation, =?iso-8859-2?Q?Rafa=B3_Pr=F3chniak?=
  • beagle stops on imap folders, =?iso-8859-5?Q?=B2=D8=DA=E2=DE=E0_?= =?iso-8859-5?Q?=BA=DE=D6=E3=E5=D0=E0=DE=D2?=
  • Searching email, Rob Brown-Bayliss
  • Firefox extension: shortcut for indexing a url, Cyril Flaig
  • Re: xmltv, none none
  • This is not a CVS folder, Alessandro Magni
  • Beagle 0.2.6, ppt files not being indexed using Fedora Core 5 installation, Sean Carlos

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