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Joe Shaw schrieb:

On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 14:23 +0200, Max wrote:
I just wonder why i never heard about it before. Has there been any
communication between the beagle++ guys and people on this list?

I also exchanged some private email with them a while back, but nothing
really came out of it.

Looks like they are still using a quite outdated version of beagle and
programming most of their stuff in java. The approach still looks
interesting. They use Sesame as a data storage for their RDF based

I checked out the repo and they seem to have a version based on 0.2.6.
Not sure how complete it is.


our work is funded by the NEPOMUK project (since beginning of this year) and iSearch We have a complete version for Suse 10.0, which is described in, and we are currently working on upgrading it to Suse 10.1 and the current beagle version. We plan to have this until sometime in July, and then it would be great to move (at least part of it) into the Beagle CVS. And of course we are happy to discuss / coordinate with whoever is interested in
metadata for Beagle.

Best regards,

Raluca et al

I wrote them an email trying to find out what their plans are and what licence they are releasing their code under.

Good idea.


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