Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee

On 6/14/06, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
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I actualy really like the idea of implementing more click-and-drag
support in beagle. Primarily for stuff like files, I have no idea how we
would start to implement this (as I'm pretty clueless as to most Gtk

I looked into drag 'n drop a while ago.  You have to use an object in
Beagle that has drag 'n drop characteristics, and then use it to hold
the information of say a picture.  Then a similar drag 'n drop object
has to be in F-Spot in the form of a panel which would be the
destination for a picture from Beagle.  That's a simplification but
somewhat how it works.

On Gnome this would work well.  You first drag Beagle to the
appropriate virtual window where F-Spot is located, and then drag the
appropriate pictures from Beagle into the appropriate folders in
F-Spot.  Seems dreamy. ;)  Could work.

I don't know how many of these capabilities are available in Mono.


As far as implementation goes, anyone have thoughts?

Kevin Kubasik

Benjy Grogan wrote:
> On 6/10/06, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
> Yeah, In a perfect world we could support everything, but I think we
> could make the explanation/rule that these are mono apps as well, and we
> plan to do our best to integrate with them to create a mono desktop but
> nothing else? I dunno, they are just very useful options (at least for
> me) and it would be convenient to have them as an option.
>> I have often tried to drag something out of Beagle into F-Spot or
>> Banshee.  I don't think I would uses the right-click-of-the-mouse
>> option because I like to see where I'm putting stuff.  If I could
>> CTRL+(some files) and then drag them to F-Spot or Banshee I would be
>> alot happier.  But it's definitely a good idea to be able to use the
>> stuff found in Beagle better.
>> Benjy
> Debajyoti Bera wrote:
>>> Ok, so I cooked up 2 patches to add support for 'Add to Library'
>>> functionality from 2 of beagles sister apps, Banshee and F-spot.
>>> I have also filed these patches with bugs at
>>> F-Spot:
>>> and Banshee:
>>> I would appreciate some feedback and discussion especially about
> what we
>>> should do with the f-spot issue.
>> There has been concerns in the past about adding support for specific
>> applications in beagle UI. If there is some backend, then results
> from that
>> backend can be sent to that specific application but otherwise, adding
>> support for "add to banshee playlist", "add to fspot collection" and
> likewise
>> application specific actions were discussed and discouraged before.
> Users
>> start demanding actions for other applications and soon the
> context-menu
>> might be a huge list of options.
>> I am not a beagle-search user so I dont have any serious objections
> against it
>> (how selfish of me ;-). Just reminding people what happened in the
> past (some
>> of the discussions are also in bugzilla - either WONTFIX or in a future
>> milestone).
>> - dBera
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> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
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