Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee

Kevin Kubasik wrote:
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Ok, so I cooked up 2 patches to add support for 'Add to Library'
functionality from 2 of beagles sister apps, Banshee and F-spot.

This is comparable to the enqueue operation we used to have for music files:

It was hardcoded to totem, and caused a few problems which affected a lot of users:
- Not all beagle users had totem installed
- There was no way to configure the enqueue action to make it use a different music player

We eventually decided to just remove it, until there is a more generic infrastructure where applications can register certain capabilities, which beagle could use to dynamically build up a list of operations. I think there was some freedesktop discussion on this topic.

Also, your --configure options make it hard for distro's. If they hardcode to on or off, they are making assumptions about what software is available on the system, and would have to consider disabling the functionality or enabling it plus making beagle depend on banshee/f-spot. Source-based distros could do it dynamically at compile-time, but this wouldn't work for situations where beagle is installed first.

You could try and detect f-spot/banshee presence at runtime, but this will only add a lot of mess to the code when people decide that more and more cool applications should be supported by beagle.


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