Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee


On Sat, 2006-06-10 at 21:47 -0700, Cyphase wrote:
> Instead of "Add to Rhythmbox" or "Add to Banshee", you could do "Add to
> music player" or something similar. Same thing goes for your photo
> management application, i.e. "Add to photo manager". You could also take
> the name of the default app and put it in the menu item name. So, if
> Rhythmbox is your default music player, the menu item would say "Add to
> Rhythmbox".

This is the ideal situation, but unfortunately this system doesn't
exist.  There is no system for application "capabilities," only
associations based on mime type.

Like Bera said, there was a proposal floating around on fdo, but the
last I looked at it, it was rather half-baked.  I haven't looked


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