Re: beagle++

Hi Max,
I came to know about them last year when I bumped into one of their
many publications (listed at I was a bit
interested in data-mining those days and I emailed one (or I think
two) of the authors but *sigh* never heard back. I didnt spend any
time on them after that.

- dBera

On 6/19/06, Max <mwiehle2 ix urz uni-heidelberg de> wrote:

I just came across a project called beagle++ that seems to be going in
the direction i am aiming at with my SoC project.

I just wonder why i never heard about it before. Has there been any
communication between the beagle++ guys and people on this list?

Looks like they are still using a quite outdated version of beagle and
programming most of their stuff in java. The approach still looks
interesting. They use Sesame as a data storage for their RDF based

I wrote them an email trying to find out what their plans are and what
licence they are releasing their code under.

I did not have time to have a closer look at their code. Has anyone
looked into that yet?


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