Re: Interested in getting involved

Hi James,

My name is Fredrik and I'm currently working on Dashboard as part of
the Google Summer of Code project.

I'm still just getting started as my school work was ending later than
I predicted, but I've pretty much figured out what I want to do and
where to take it, at least for now. Unfortunately, I'm rewriting it
pretty much from scratch which makes it kinda hard to help out before
I've gotten a bit further on the way - but hopefully, I'll have some
stuff to commit once I get home from Guadec next week so that we can
start collaborating on it again - so don't despair.


2006/6/27, James Fitzsimons <james fitzsimons gmail com>:
Hi all,

I am interested in getting involved in dashboard development. I see from
the latest beagle newsletter that there is renewed interest in the
dashboard project so it sounds like I have come along at the right time!

I have managed to build the latest dashboard from CVS, but it seems like
the documentation is well out of date as it talks about using
text-indexer but it appears from the mailing list that beagle is now the
indexing engine.

Can anybody give me some quick pointers that would enable me to check
that dashboard is working correctly?

Finally, where would be a good place to start if I was to get involved
in hacking on dashboard?

James Fitzsimons

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