Re: Beagle and its startup

 With others at Guadec, I take the liberty to spread some FUD :)

i'm fascinated of the idea behind beagle, cause i love when my computer
really does things that are useful ;)
Me too :)

Now ia have one question: when i start the beagle daemon, and call
beagle-info --status i get a nice printout of what beagle is doing.
Is ist right that beagle always starts at first to check if the file
which are in its index, are still the same from last time?
Yes and more. Beagle scans the whole filesystem to find new files and
files modified after beagle was last stopped.

When i look at the status i get a count of 422. when i stopped beagle by
hand shortly before i logged out, it was at ~ 10000.
Doesn't this always take a long time from start to the point till which
beagle will index new stuff?
Scanning directories is more or less fast especially if you everything
unchanged since lasttime beagle ran. But, you are right. Beagle will
have to traverse the directory tree to reach a new directory or file
at which point it will find new stuff. A better behaviour would be to
somehow start at new directories.

Or will changes on files be more important and because of inotify appear
directly in beagle although, it has to look through it's index to see if
something has changed while being "offline".
Changes to files when beagle is running will be picked up instantly.
Only indexing files modified when beagle was offline is delayed.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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