Re: This is not a CVS folder


On Thu, 2006-06-01 at 18:07 +0200, Alessandro Magni wrote:
> I clearly realize that Beagle is a Gnome project, and therefore I'm not 
> assuming that everybody should stop what he/she is doing to make it 
> fully KDE-compliant... 

Well, it's not so much that.  I really try to be as desktop-neutral as
possible, but the problem is that there isn't a common layer for this
stuff, so I either have to pick the GNOME associations or the KDE ones.
Being a GNOME hacker myself, I choose the former because of my
experience with it.

> The message was clearly misleading ("If you did not intend to use 
> Cervisia you can switch modes within Konqueror"): in Konqueror I did not 
> find anything, while instead launching Nautilus as you suggested I 
> observed that Right-clicking on a folder I get Permissions->Open with: 
> just 2 choices, and the first one is Cervisia! The other one is simply 
> "Open folder", but is uncheckable. I also tried the "Add" button to 
> insert Konqueror from the list, but despite the fact that it does not 
> give error messages, The "Open with" window remains unchanged: 
> 1)Cervisia 2)Open with.

This... I'm not sure about.  When I right-click on my system, I can
choose between Nautilus, Konqueror, or "Open with".  You could try as
Kevin suggested and reinstall Konqueror to see if it correctly updates
its mime handlers.


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