Re: Matching partial strings?

> > Is there anyone else who monitors this thread that is missing the
> > mails?
> I am away at GUADEC and not following email very closely.
> > And could anyone inform me on the final verdict concerning my question,
> > based on the mails?
> We don't support wildcard searches today.  We're not using Lucene's
> QueryParser class; the query language is a little obtuse and not very
> customizable to our uses.  It wouldn't be too much work to hack it in if
> you are familiar with regular expressions, though.
> Bera already referenced the open bug about this.

  I thought to wait for a couple of days to allow the emails to appear on 
mailman archive. But strange enough, dashboard-hacker mailing list archive 
seems to be quite outdated. Maybe the maintainers of gnome maillist list 
archives is busy attending GUADEC :)

This was my reply to your question:
"Yes. Beagle doesnot allow searching for substrings.

I am also not aware of any hacks to achieve this. However, in some
cases (like filenames) beagle tries to guess and split the word if its
composed of a number of smaller words (e.g. beagle-design-doc-v3.txt
will be broken into beagle, design, doc, v3). I can only think of
filenames where this happens and even there, arbitrary substrings
arent searchable."

Hope this message reaches you this time.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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