Re: More Gaim Alias Fixes


I believe the reason it was done at query-time is because the alias can
be changed by the user at any point, and it's stored only in the
buddy-list (and not in the index), and in the user interface you want to
display the current alias, not what it was when it was indexed.

Of course, if it didn't work then there's another issue here. :)  But I
don't think that indexing the alias is the right thing to do.


The reason why we didn't add this on indexing-time was exactly due to
the fact that the alias might change. Considering that Lucene isn't
exactly a relational database, it's kind of hard to solve this issue
elegantly. Luckily, we have a Summer of Code warrior working
tirelessly 24/7 on problems like this - Max.

I believe either Fredrik or Lukas wrote that code.  You might want to
check in with them about it.

Guilty as charged. However, it seems to work flawlessly here (with
revision 1.53, before any changes).



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