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I am not a C/C++/C# developer, I am most fond of scripting languages - mostly Perl - so I feared I could do nothing but be a Beagle-user only. Recently yet I discovered under that with the aid of the file external-filters.xml (*checkout*/beagle/Filters/external-filters.xml?rev=1.1&content-type=text%2Fplain) one can write simple programs in any language he likes to extract info, so I am very interested to start writing stuff to extend Beagle.
One question only:
these filters are used by Beagle to find info stored in my files, so that it can report them as found, right? How it is possible then to associate an "action" to execute on a particular file reported by beagle-search? (e.g. I wrote a filter to extract comments from Grace files how can I launch xmgrace on them?)

thanks for any info...



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