Re: This is not a CVS folder

hey, a good option might be to try re-installing konqeror, as that
will traditionaly re-associate the mimetype of folders with konqeror.

If you wanna try a little more kde-centric frontend to beagle, you
might wanna try yabi or kerry, both are a little more kde integrated
then beagle-search and might suite your needs better.

-Kevin Kubasik

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On 6/1/06, Alessandro Magni <magni inrim it> wrote:
> Anyway, using Nautilus, right click on a folder, and click Properties.
> Go to the "Open With" tab and select the one you want.  That should be
> it!
thank you Joe,
I clearly realize that Beagle is a Gnome project, and therefore I'm not
assuming that everybody should stop what he/she is doing to make it
fully KDE-compliant... anyway I really appreciate any bit of help!
The message was clearly misleading ("If you did not intend to use
Cervisia you can switch modes within Konqueror"): in Konqueror I did not
find anything, while instead launching Nautilus as you suggested I
observed that Right-clicking on a folder I get Permissions->Open with:
just 2 choices, and the first one is Cervisia! The other one is simply
"Open folder", but is uncheckable. I also tried the "Add" button to
insert Konqueror from the list, but despite the fact that it does not
give error messages, The "Open with" window remains unchanged:
1)Cervisia 2)Open with.

currently hopeless...




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