Re: Query results disambiguation


Dnia 08-06-2006, czw o godzinie 13:35 -0400, Joe Shaw napisał(a):

> Are you sure all the data is indexed?  
I'm not exactly sure, but most relevant files are indexed (see below)...
Beagle-index-info shows 19189 files, while my nautilus based (through
folder properties) count is 19930. (.beagle is 2.5 GB)

> If you search for some other term
> located in the additional files (or even the filenames), do you get
> results?
Yes. For example, if I search for north and olson, I get the other files
not included in the original north only query. So it seems that files
with north (the economist) are indexed, but they do not show up in the
query results if only north is searched. Searching for north + other
terms (be it other names, filenames or other relevant keywords) shows
different files than north only query. 

> If you look in ~/.beagle/Log, do you see any errors or warnings when you
> do a search?
No. I even added a Tomboy note including "north", and it appeared in
search results at once. Logs remain silent (well, except for regular
messages like "060608 2024313092 08487 Beagle DEBUG: Parsed query
'north' as text_query"), there are some exceptions, but not from the
time of searching (two hours earlier). 

I'm going to upgrade to dapper soon, so I will rebuild my indexes
anyway. I tried a sample file (including north, but not included in my
0.2.5 search results) on dapper (I keep for testing) with beagle 0.2.6
and it worked fine, but on the other hand there are only a few files

Is there anything more I can do to diagnose it or better check again
when I have more recent beagle and everything reindexed?


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