Re: Searching email

On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 20:09 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Are you using IMAP or POP? If you are using an IMAP account, you must
> configure evolution to download your messages for offline viewing if
> you wish to have the message contents indexed, otherwise beagle will
> only index the message summary (ie. To,From, Subject)
> -Kevin Kubasik
> On 6/2/06, Rob Brown-Bayliss <uncertain genius gmail com> wrote:
> > Hi, I don't understand how beagle is indexing email from evolution.
> >
> > When I search using a phrase that I know is in the email (because I
> > have cut and pasted it) beagle does not find the mail.  If I search
> > for the subjexct it finds some of the mail, but not all of them.
> >
> > Is this normal or have I got a problem with my system?
> >

I have pretty much the same setup here and I think I understand what Rob
is trying to say. Maybe what he means is that he wants boolean searches
to work better. Right, Rob ? I may be wrong here though, but I have
never been able to make boolean searches perform the way I want them. Do
they even work ? Is it a UI (beagle-search) or a daemon/lucene issue ?


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