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CC'ing List for their input before we get too deep into this with no way

The viewer wouldn't be impossible, but what might be even more practical
is an extention to thunderbird which would take a uri like


and display the address book with that search string entered. I've never
written an extension, so its beyond me. If its not worthwhile or
realistically feasible, then lets just make a generic contact viewer.


beagle-contact-viewer --Name="Kevin Kubasik"
- --Email-1="kevin kubasik net" etc.

so we can have all beagle contacts viewed using it, and can display all
indexed contact information, we just need to include some cool context
options in both the contact tile and in this program.

Kevin Kubasik

Pierre Östlund wrote:
> I took a peek at the Thunderbird source code earlier today and my
> conclusion is that it's not possible to view a single contact by using a
> Uri - the code just isn't there. Either we have to file a bug about it
> or write a small application (like the one beagle is using to show gaim
> conversation logs) that displays the information.
> Thanks!
> Pierre
> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Damn, I can't get much beyond what I had, all i can tell is
> addbook://moz-abmdbdirectory/abook.mab?action=print
> displays the whole address book,
> and file:///url.vcard?action=add
> will add a vcard to your address book, neither are really what were
> looking for....
> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
> 240-838-6616
> Pierre Östlund wrote:
>>>> I can tell that a recompile almost never solves any of my issues  ;-)
>>>> My guess would be that gtk 2.9.x is the bad guy here, but who knows? At
>>>> least gtk-sharp applications work again since 2.9.2 ;-)
>>>> Seems like you are on to something in the Uri department. Update the
>>>> UriNew-method in Thunderbird.cs in case you figure anything out.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Pierre
>>>> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
>>>> Hahha, I was actually in a similar boat just a few hours ago, I was
>>>> having a bunch of segfaults in Gaim, a recompile was all it took for me,
>>>> but who knows ;).
>>>> You can check out some of the refactoring I did in SVN, I split each
>>>> generator into its own file so that we can modularize the build and
>>>> easily phase in the different components.
>>>> All I've got on internal Uri's for contacts is some junk I've managed to
>>>> extract from the mozilla code itself, but its still pretty cryptic
>>>> addbook://moz-abmdbdirectory/abook.mab
>>>> or
>>>> addbook://moz-abmdbdirectory/abook.mab?action=print
>>>> I dunno, I'll keep digging.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Kevin Kubasik
>>>> 240-838-6616
>>>> Pierre Östlund wrote:
>>>>>>> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
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>>>>>>>> Awesome! Its great to hear! The only thing I would see if we can
>>>>>>>> do is
>>>>>>>> get address book indexing down for inclusion. Most people don't use
>>>>>>>> Thunderbird for nntp or rss that heavily all said and done, but
>>>>>>>> contact
>>>>>>>> indexing could be pretty big.
>>>>>>> Yes, you are right. Address book indexing and mail indexing are
>>>>>>> the two
>>>>>>> most important parts that just have to work. Mork is the only problem
>>>>>>> here.
>>>>>>>> I've trying to find some way to get the Uri's that Thunderbird
>>>>>>>> uses for
>>>>>>>> contacts, but theres no nice cheat like there was for Mail (ie. the
>>>>>>>> view
>>>>>>>> source window) but when theres a will theres a way.... If I can find
>>>>>>>> anything, I'll let you know.
>>>>>>> Great. Maybe file a bug in the Thunderbird bugzilla for this (in case
>>>>>>> this feature doesn't exist)?
>>>>>>>> So yeah, let me know if you think we can get addressbook support
>>>>>>>> rocking
>>>>>>>>  for later. Also, I'm gonna start refactoring some stuff to make 2
>>>>>>>> indexies at this point, so in a perfect world we can get in touch on
>>>>>>>> Gtalk or something (im qub333 gmail com) to make sure we don't
>>>>>>>> step on
>>>>>>>> each others toes.
>>>>>>> Sure, everything seems to be wrapping up great and hopefully we can
>>>>>>> deliver both mail and address book indexing in 0.2.8. That could at
>>>>>>> least be our goal. I'll add you to my contact list as soon as I
>>>>>>> get gaim
>>>>>>> up and running again for easier communication (running beta packages
>>>>>>> aren't that great after all ;-) ).
>>>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>>>> Pierre

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