Re: Matching partial strings?


Actually, I agree that having partial string match is difficult (in
terms of computational complexity) and not possible due to performance
reasons. However, I see that there might have a demand on this.

Further more, as a Chinese speaker, I want to point out that, partial
string match is crucial to Chinese language search because we don't use
"space characters" to separate words, we just put all the stuff together
and use human reasoning to separate phase from phase. Therefore, it is
always a difficulty to index Chinese efficiently.

I really want to help if someone want to research on this issue (coz I
want to have this feature), anyone interested to join the effort?


D Bera wrote:
> Hi
>> Is it correct that Beagle does not match partial string, e.g. if I
>> search for Beagle it will not find "Beagle", or if i search for AQueue
>> it wil not find AQueue< ?
>> If that is correct, is there a way that I can get what I want (searching
>> with partial strings)?
> Yes. Beagle doesnot allow searching for substrings.
> I am also not aware of any hacks to achieve this. However, in some
> cases (like filenames) beagle tries to guess and split the word if its
> composed of a number of smaller words (e.g. beagle-design-doc-v3.txt
> will be broken into beagle, design, doc, v3). I can only think of
> filenames where this happens and even there, arbitrary substrings
> arent searchable.
> - dBera

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