Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee

> Ok, so I cooked up 2 patches to add support for 'Add to Library'
> functionality from 2 of beagles sister apps, Banshee and F-spot.
> I have also filed these patches with bugs at
> F-Spot:
> and Banshee:
> I would appreciate some feedback and discussion especially about what we
> should do with the f-spot issue.

There has been concerns in the past about adding support for specific 
applications in beagle UI. If there is some backend, then results from that 
backend can be sent to that specific application but otherwise, adding 
support for "add to banshee playlist", "add to fspot collection" and likewise 
application specific actions were discussed and discouraged before. Users 
start demanding actions for other applications and soon the context-menu 
might be a huge list of options.

I am not a beagle-search user so I dont have any serious objections against it 
(how selfish of me ;-). Just reminding people what happened in the past (some 
of the discussions are also in bugzilla - either WONTFIX or in a future 

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera, Graduate Student, Theory Grp, BU-CS
@ 617-782-1324 (R)                 617-358-2354 (O)

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