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Alec Burney wrote:
On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 22:53 -1000, Alec Burney wrote:
On Thu, 2006-06-22 at 10:32 +0200, Alessandro Magni wrote:
kevin kubasik net wrote:
hey, a good option might be to try re-installing konqeror, as that
will traditionaly re-associate the mimetype of folders with konqeror.

On 6/1/06, Alessandro Magni <magni inrim it> wrote:
Anyway, using Nautilus, right click on a folder, and click Properties.
Go to the "Open With" tab and select the one you want.  That should be
thank you Joe,
I clearly realize that Beagle is a Gnome project, and therefore I'm not
assuming that everybody should stop what he/she is doing to make it
fully KDE-compliant... anyway I really appreciate any bit of help!
The message was clearly misleading ("If you did not intend to use
Cervisia you can switch modes within Konqueror"): in Konqueror I did not
find anything, while instead launching Nautilus as you suggested I
observed that Right-clicking on a folder I get Permissions->Open with:
just 2 choices, and the first one is Cervisia! The other one is simply
"Open folder", but is uncheckable. I also tried the "Add" button to
insert Konqueror from the list, but despite the fact that it does not
give error messages, The "Open with" window remains unchanged:
1)Cervisia 2)Open with.
I tried everything without success: folders always open with Cervisia, 
and in no way Nautilus allows me to change that.
So I did this dirty hack (very dirty indeed!): never using cervisia, I 
mv'd-it, and in its place I put this 2-liner in perl, which I called 

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
`konsole --notabbar --nomenubar -e mc $ARGV[0]`

BUT - although it works when I call it directly: $> cervisia /tmp  => 
opens a Konsole with mc pointing to /tmp, from beagle-search it doesnt 
work this way.

I checked, and saw that beagle-search outputs (when opening a folder) 
this output:

Cmd: cervisia
Arg: -caption "%c" %i %m
Itm: file:///0ale/ThinFilms/Fiber/Fe50Co50

... so the path is not on the command line! Then, how can I get from the 
called command (my script) this Itm value?

thanks for your help, people...


your technique works - i use a similar script to open movies in mplayer.
my question, though, is if you're sure that $ARGV[0] is the right one
for you. note how it says
Arg: -caption "%c" %i %m
maybe the first argument is not the one you want. i would replace your
script with a bash script that prints all the arguments
echo $@
and then test it and see if it's calling it with just the path, or with
extra stuff. the argument you want may very well be another one. i hope
this helps you out. good luck!
How stupid can I be? Right, it was the 5-th argument!!!
(for those interested, the argument line is:
-caption %c %i %m file:///0ale/ThinFilms/Fiber/Fe50Co50)

... so here it is, working with by beloved Midnight Commander...
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
my $a= $1;
system("konsole --notabbar --nomenubar -e mc $a");

(correct on system vs. backticks)
oh, not to flood - two more things:
i know you were already told that you can change the default in
nautilus, but are you sure you were trying in nautilus, not in
beagle-search? that option should definitely be there
in nautilus, have you tried right clicking the folder (or one like it)
going to properties, selecting the open with tab and using the "add"
button to add konqueror and clicking its radial button to select it as
the default? should work.
and, a bash script would probably be sufficient for your hack. or at
least system() in perl. using backticks will capture the output into
ram, which sucks. although this isn't a problem if your konqueror
immediately forks, like nautilus or something.
good luck!
No, here I am definitely sure - I re-tried just now: launch nautilus, goto a folder, right-click, properties, open with:
2 choices, "Cervisia" and "Open Folder", with Cervisia selected. I cannot change the selection, and clicking "Add" I get an application list: whichever I choose, I press OK and return to the same old list of 2 elements that I had before... no hope. (everything did as root, of course).



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