Fwd: Re: beagle index server

Forwarding the reply to the list. The screenshot of BeagleOnRails looks really 
cool. Looks like some overlap with one of Beagle's Summer of Code project.

- dBera

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Subject: Re: beagle index server
Date: Monday 26 June 2006 22:37
From: "Gregor Schmidt" <Beagle schmidtwisser de>
To: "D Bera" <dbera web gmail com>


perhaps Peagle (http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=38289)
or BeagleOnRails (https://nach-vorne.de/trac/beagle_on_rails) may give
you, what you want in the meantime.


On 6/27/06, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> Hi
> > is it possible to install an beagle index server on an fileserver and
> > let the clients directly access that index?
> This is a common question asked here and the simple answer is, beagle
> doesnt provide a trivial way of doing it. You can acheive it somewhat
> by using beagle-build-index to build a static index on your server,
> export it over some network storage and then run beagle-search in the
> clients pointing to the location of the server.
> This issue has been discussed here before. I can point you to one
> thread nut there are many more.
> http://mail.gnome.org/archives/dashboard-hackers/2006-April/msg00137.html
> Lastly, a couple of Google Summer of Code projects are in progress
> which, when finished, might provide a robust solution.
> http://beagle-project.org/Summer_Of_Code

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