Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee

Sorry about the last email. I accidentally hit Send. Here's the whole
Instead of "Add to Rhythmbox" or "Add to Banshee", you could do "Add to
music player" or something similar. Same thing goes for your photo
management application, i.e. "Add to photo manager". You could also take
the name of the default app and put it in the menu item name. So, if
Rhythmbox is your default music player, the menu item would say "Add to

It would be nice if the default application of a certain type was
handled by the desktop environment, but if not, it can be a preference
in Beagle.

Kudos to the Beagle developers. It's really a great piece of software.
Now if only we had Dashboard.. Maybe during the SoC..
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