Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee


On Wed, 2006-06-14 at 18:23 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> I actualy really like the idea of implementing more click-and-drag
> support in beagle. Primarily for stuff like files, I have no idea how we
> would start to implement this (as I'm pretty clueless as to most Gtk
> stuff).
> As far as implementation goes, anyone have thoughts?

Drag and drop already works for a lot of things.  Drag a file from
beagle-search into an evolution composer window and watch as it is
magically attached to the email. :)

Probably all we need to do is work out the drop target and types so that
F-Spot accepts whatever the user drags from beagle-search.


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