Re: Searching email

On 6/5/06, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:

> Could you give us some specific examples of queries that don't work?

Using beagle  search 0.2.6

All mail is downloaded via the POP3 protocole and is stored in my local evolution folders.

On the 30th of may I recieved an email with a subject line of "Re: kids" and this line in the message body:

Luke has started ripper rugby last week...but I think I told you about that already.
now school holidays....

I open the beagle search ui and type the word "holidays" into the search box.

the first email in the results is dated 20th of Febuary, and has the subject line "Re: kids holidays etc" and that email does ot have the word "holidays" in the message body. 

Strangely the 15th result in the search results is an email that has not got the word "holidays" in the header, nor the body.  But it does have the word "holiday" (without  the S) in the body.

So it looks like it used to work, or perhapse is only working some times?


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