Re: Add to Library Support for F-spot and Banshee

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One other quick thing, I have filed bug 344534 against f-spot asking
that a pkg-config file be installed, and theres a working patch for it,
so it seems likely that we could check for f-spot at compile time, whats
the opinion on this? I could rework the f-spot patch to be more like the
banshee one (in that it checks for a specific version when --import was
implemented at compile time) or it can stay how it is, just checking if
the binary 'f-spot' exists at runtime. Both patches could work either
way, or it could just be a configure-time option (ie --enable-f-spot)
with no checks at all. Whats the thought?

Kevin Kubasik

Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 13:23 +0100, Daniel Drake wrote:
>> This is comparable to the enqueue operation we used to have for music files:
>> It was hardcoded to totem, and caused a few problems which affected a 
>> lot of users:
>> - Not all beagle users had totem installed
>> - There was no way to configure the enqueue action to make it use a 
>> different music player
> This is also the situation with the various mailers, because of the lack
> of a standard way of opening a specific email.  There is annoying if
> code in there depending on whether you use Evolution or KMail (or
> Thunderbird, if you're using the patch).  But email is so important that
> we have to use those hacks.
> Clearly "Enqueue" isn't that important, and my inclination that "Add to
> Library" isn't either.
> The patch is fine, but in the meantime I think this is a decision we
> have to leave up to the distributors.  For SUSE and SLED it makes sense
> for us to include the patch because we use beagle-search only on the
> GNOME side and Banshee and F-Spot are our default apps for this.  (On
> the KDE side there is Kerry and I think it already does a better job at
> integrating with the default KDE apps.)  Whether this is true for
> everyone, I'm not sure.  And the burden of maintaining those patches is
> there as well.
> Kevin, it definitely makes sense to keep around bugs for these.  Maybe
> we could have a tracking bug for this type of stuff so we can address it
> later (and so that people can get the patches).
> Joe
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